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Quality Concrete Solutions

Concrete is a critical building material. At Bonded Concrete, we offer not just concrete,
but over a century of experience as a building material supplier in providing quality
concrete with excellent service at competitive prices.

Concrete Variety

Bonded Concrete offers standard ready mix concrete designs that vary by strength and aggregate types and sizes. We also offer custom-designed ready mix concrete for highly specialized applications like pervious concrete, buckeye fiber reinforced concrete, self-compacting concrete, waterproof concrete, dyed colored concrete and much more!

Project Ease

We strive to provide our customers with the quality concrete they need to complete any project. Our trained concrete technologist are available to assist you in selecting the concrete products you need for your project. Whether it’s a do-it yourself project at home or a large construction project, we are passionate in our commitment to the satisfactory completion of your project.

  Our Products & Services – Ready For Your Project  

Dyed-Colored Concrete

Dyed-Colored Concrete has many different forms and compositions that can be used in both residential and commercial concrete…

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Bonded Enforced Concrete

Bonded-Enforced is a product we developed in cooperation with Bekaert Steel Fiber Company. This product replaces traditional…

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Strength Accelerator

Strength Accelerator is a unique product we offer as a solution to our customer’s quick repair projects. This product allows…

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Macro Synthetic Fiber

Bonded Concrete Inc. is making good concrete better with Macro-Synthetic Concrete. Macro Synthetic Fiber are the new generation…

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We Supply Ready Mix & Portable Concrete Products
At Bonded Concrete our goal from day one has been to supply the highest quality concrete and concrete products with excellent service to the construction industry.