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Dyed-Colored Concrete has many different forms and compositions that can be used in both residential and commercial concrete applications, including sound/retaining walls, bridges, countertops, floors, etc. For more information about dyed-colored concrete in the Albany, Schenectady, Poughkeepsie NY, Saratoga Springs NY or Pittsfield MA areas, contact Bonded Concrete.


Bonded-Enforced is a product we developed in cooperation with Bekaert Steel Fiber Company. This product replaces traditional steel wire reinforcing and lighter rebar reinforced floors. Bonded-Enforced offers our customer a better total reinforcing system with less cracking and easier installation. Because there is no rebar or wire to trip on, the work area is safer […]


Strength Accelerator is a unique product we offer as a solution to our customer’s quick repair projects. This product allows our customer to repair mainline pavement or warehouse lanes and return it to use the same day. Our design includes the use of Sika Rapid-1.


Bonded Concrete Inc. is making good concrete better with Macro-Synthetic Concrete.   Macro Synthetic Fiber are the new generation of synthetic fibers, creating an alternative to traditional lightly reinforced concrete slab.  The fiber concrete enhances all concrete from concrete sidewalks to concrete bridge decks, designed to last 50 to 100 years. The fiber material blended into […]


Buckeye is a micro fiber product we offer our customers to be used as a secondary reinforcement. These fibers help to prevent plastic cracking and remain unseen. The fiber is dye friendly and has the ability to take on the color of dyed concrete. For more information about buckeye fiber concrete in the Pittsfield MA, Albany, Poughkeepsie […]


Self-Healing Concrete contains cement-based materials that repair themselves after the concrete or structure gets damaged from various methods of deterioration mechanism. For more information about self-healing waterproof concrete in the Albany, Schenectady, Poughkeepsie NY, Saratoga Springs NY or Pittsfield MA areas, contact Bonded Concrete.

Moisture Vapor Reduction Solution

Moisture Vapor Reduction additives are used to reduce the migration of moisture though a concrete slab. Moisture is the most pervasive cause of bonding issues commonly seen with floor covering products. Moisture will affect the bonding between concrete and the glues of VCT flooring products. Moisture will warp wood overlay of concrete floors. Moisture will […]


Here at bonded Concrete Inc. we offer a variety of environmentally friendly products, one of these being pervious concrete pavement. Pervious concrete is a specially designed concrete mixture that offers the durability of standard concrete, while allowing water to pass directly through a concrete slab, This new technology is both beneficial to the environment and […]


Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), also known as Self Consolidating Concrete, is a product designed to solve many issues commonly seen when placing concrete in the field. SCC addresses issues due to tight reinforcement spacing, need for a required texture, lack of access, and over all aesthetics of the finished product. Project Examples Global Foundries – […]


Steel Fiber reinforcement is used as an alternative to conventional rebar reinforcement as well as wire mesh. Steel fiber reinforcement will deliver a concrete floor system with less cracking, greater impact resistance and overall increased durability, while saving days in the construction process. We use the American Concrete Institute Committee’s 544 as our guideline in […]


Barrier blocks are concrete blocks used for site security and deterring trespassers. They are interlocking and are ideal for stacking. We offer discounts for quantity depending on our inventory and state of the market. Give us a call at 518-273-5800 or fill out the barrier block order form. F.A.Qs WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We have […]