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Bonded Concrete Inc. is continuing to enhance the production of great concrete with Macro-Synthetic Concrete. Macro Synthetic Fiber are the new generation of synthetic fibers, creating an alternative to traditional lightly reinforced concrete slab. The fiber concrete enhances all concrete from concrete sidewalks to concrete bridge decks, designed to last 50 to 100 years. The fiber material blended into our concrete increases the concrete’s structural reliability and controls cracking caused by dry shrinkage, and reduces the permeability of concrete, which reduces flow of water through the concrete.

Many people who are looking for a superior structural concrete mix might wonder, “Why use fibers?” at Bonded Concrete we know that the use of fibers is estimated to save time and reduce the overall cost of the project. The use of fiber is also more efficient than the use of steel, which can be very costly. According to the American Concrete Institute’s report on fiber reinforced concrete, added fibers in concrete
enhance “the tensile strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, crack resistance, crack control, durability, fatigue life, resistance-to-impact and abrasion, shrinkage, expansion, thermal characteristics, and fire resistance.”

If you are interested in designing more efficient concrete structures with longer-lasting, durable, and over-all better quality concrete, contact Bonded Concrete.

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