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Here at Bonded Concrete Inc. we offer a variety of environmentally friendly products, one of these being pervious concrete pavement. Pervious concrete is a specially designed concrete mixture that offers the durability of standard concrete, while allowing water to pass directly through a concrete slab, This new technology is both beneficial to the environment and the community by reducing the amount of runoff from a site, allowing for for deep-water drainage.

As urbanization continues, little thought has gone into the  impact pavement has on water quality and the environment. With paved surfaces covering more surface area, rainwater begins to collect on impervious surfaces such as parking lots, sidewalks and streets instead of soaking into the Earth’s natural soil. This collection of water creates an imbalance in the ecosystem and leads to greater danger including erosion, flash floods, and pollution of rivers lakes, and oceans. Rainwater that collects across paved surfaces can pick up everything from oil and grease, to other harmful chemicals.

A simple solution to the problems caused by pavement is to choose pervious concrete pavement for your next project. At Bonded Concrete, our pervious concrete pavement is unique and effective, while also meeting US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stormwater regulations. We offer the inherent durability and low life cycle cost of a typical concrete pavement while also retaining storm water runoff. Our concrete is made using large aggregates, with little to no fine aggregates, that are coated using a concrete paste that allows for water to pass through the concrete.

Find out why businesses and communities in the Upstate NY/Western MA areas are switching to pervious concrete for their roads, parking areas, sidewalks, and driveways. For more information on your next project, contact Bonded Concrete.

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