Moisture Vapor Reduction Solution

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Moisture Vapor Reduction additives are used to reduce the migration of moisture though a concrete slab.

Moisture is the most pervasive cause of bonding issues commonly seen with floor covering products.

  • Moisture will affect the bonding between concrete and the glues of VCT flooring products.
  • Moisture will warp wood overlay of concrete floors.
  • Moisture will affect the bonds of epoxy coating.
  • Moisture will affect the bonds of sealers.

Adding Moisture Vapor Reduction solution to our customer’s concrete will improve customer purchase satisfaction by providing a flooring system that endures time, temperature and weather conditions. Using our Moisture Vapor Reduction concrete in the base slab concrete can protect valuable floor coverings from needing replacement due to bonding issues. A manufacturer’s warranty is available to customers who participate in design review to ensure proper application and use of their product.

For more information about Moisture Vapor Reduction Solutions, contact Bonded Concrete.

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