When you have a large volume concrete project with a near impossible placement schedule, we have the answer for you. Bonded Concrete’s portable concrete batch plants offer you your own exclusive concrete plant. We have enough trucks to supply concrete to keep your crews supplied with enough concrete to keep your project on schedule. When using one of our onsite plants, you will not have to compete for service with other normal day to day customers. Bonded Concrete’s onsite plant is dedicated to the site in which it’s set up on, offering concrete when you want it, and how you want it.

Bonded Concrete has a long proven history of construction and operation of portable concrete batch plants Their first portable batch plant was placed in 1960 on the NYS I-87 construction project between Clifton Park and Lake George NY.

Bonded Concrete presently operates two portable concrete batch plants. We have a 12 cubic yd Con-E-Co portable central mix plant with a capacity of 300 cu yd per hour as well as a 12 cu yd Con-E-Co 12 cu yd transit mix plant with a capacity of 240 cu yd per hour. Bonded Concrete’s onsite portable concrete plants are a GREEN option to conventional offsite concrete delivery to projects with large volumes of concrete in a very short period of time. Our onsite plants lower the impact on local communities in which this project may occur. An onsite portable concrete plant will lower the local traffic, noise impact to the surrounding community, as well as saving fuel consumption compared to the alternative of offsite plant delivery.

Bonded Concrete has portable support equipment should our customers need chilling, heating and electricity. We have supplied concrete from our portables in weather as cold as -10 degrees with dedicated aggregate and water heating systems. We also have the equipment to chill batch water during the high temperature months where production normally shuts down, as well as aggregates to maintain specified concrete temperature. We have also supplied concrete on projects where we needed to place power plants and drill wells, when there was no water or power available.

Bonded Concrete’s portable concrete set ups are ideal for projects with large demands and as little as 62,000 sq ft of available foot print area of operation for the plant.