Barrier Blocks

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Barrier blocks are concrete blocks used for site security and deterring trespassers. They are interlocking and are ideal for stacking. We offer discounts for quantity depending on our inventory and state of the market. Give us a call at 518-273-5800 or fill out the barrier block order form below.


We have locations throughout the state please visit our Locations Tab for locations nearest you.

The 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 6 ft. blocks weigh approximately 3,600 lbs.

The blocks are interlocking. They have male grooves on top and one side and female grooves on the bottom and one side, making them ideal for stacking.

They have a rebar lifting eye for movement of the blocks.

Yes, depending on our inventory and state of the market we can offer quantity based discounts.

We do not advise you stack the blocks more than 3-4 high, it is however to your discretion.

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