5 Undeniable Benefits of Building With Concrete

ready mix concreteWhen it comes time to choose building materials, you’re often faced with a lot of options. Wood, steel, and concrete are usually the top choices for constructing buildings and homes. But more and more construction projects are focusing on concrete because of all of the benefits this material can offer. So if you’re on the fence about concrete, here are some truly amazing benefits you should know about.

It offers durability: Perhaps one of the best benefits of getting construction material from a ready mix concrete company is that concrete is one of the most durable materials you can use. It is not susceptible to rot or other forms of deterioration. Once in place, it’s very hard to move again, even in areas with stormy weather.

It’s more energy efficient: Did you know that homes that are built using concrete need about 45% less energy to heat and 30% less energy to cool than houses with traditional wood frames? Choosing to build with portable batch concrete will save money when the construction is complete and energy use is lower.

It’s less expensive to build with: Along with saving money through lower energy usage, ready mix concrete is less expensive to build with in the first place. Compared to engineered materials, the cost of using concrete is very low. And because it’s inexpensive, it’s widely available and used in a variety of construction projects.

It can be versatile: Unlike other building materials, like wood, concrete can easily be molded to fit almost any size and shape. Because it starts out as a liquid, you can form the material into any shape or size you need by pouring it into a mold. Once the liquid hardens, you can then build with the solidified concrete.

It’s resistant to water and fire: If a building catches fire or floods, the concrete won’t be affected. This makes this material a great choice for structures near water or high fire risk areas. If a fire or flood does start, concrete materials will prevent it from spreading and be able to minimize the damage caused to the structure.

As you can see, there are several amazing benefits to building with concrete. So if you have an upcoming construction project, reach out to local concrete contractors for a durable, reliable material.